Master the Classic Hollandaise Sauce Recipe and Try It On Delicious Recipes!

Master the Classic Hollandaise Sauce Recipe and Try It On Delicious Recipes!

A classic favorite, hollandaise sauce is a rich, creamy sauce that can add flavor to many dishes. It is also quite versatile and can be used in various recipes. Whether you are an experienced cook or just getting started, this easy-to-follow classic hollandaise sauce recipe will help you master the technique of making this delicious sauce. Plus, we’ve added some tasty suggestions on how to use your hollandaise sauce to jazz up various dishes.

homemade hollandaise sauce in a pan and on a whisk.

What makes hollandaise sauce so good?

It is a combination of lemon juice, butter, and egg yolks. The sauce is usually served on top of hot vegetables or eggs. You can even use it to add flavor to poached fish.
The best part about this sauce is that it’s quite easy to make

Ingredients for Hollandaise Sauce

This recipe is made with easy-to-find ingredients. You will need:

  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Dash of hot pepper sauce
  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste

How to Make Hollandaise Sauce

Cook up a creamy, velvety Hollandaise sauce in your own kitchen with just a few simple steps!

  1. Begin by melting butter in the microwave and allowing it to cool.
  2. Then create a double boiler using two pots of simmering water; whisk egg yolks into one until light and fluffy before pouring into the pot on top.
  3. Whisk continuously over medium-high heat for 2 to 3 minutes as you slowly add warm melted butter, incorporating completely.
  4. Finally season with lemon juice, hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper – delicious when served within 30 minutes of making!
homemade hollandaise sauce in a pan and ingredients around it.

How to Use Hollandaise Sauce

This is the classic Hollandaise sauce recipe. It’s rich, creamy, and can go on just about anything. From eggs Benedict to poached salmon, there are endless possibilities with this versatile sauce. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

overhead view of homemade hollandaise sauce and a whisk in a pan.

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homemade hollandaise sauce in a pan and on a whisk.

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Hollandaise Sauce

You can make am amazing Hollandaise sauce, it goes perfectly with asparagus. 
Course Side Dish
Cuisine French
Keyword Asparagus
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 247kcal


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons cold water
  • 3 teaspoons lemon juice
  • dash hot pepper sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Melt the butter in the microwave in a glass dish. Let the butter begin to cool slightly, and skim off anything that is on the top. Set up a double boiler, and whisk egg yolks and the water in a bowl until they are light and fluffy. Pour egg yolks into the double boiler. 
  • Whisk eggs continually while eggs are in the double boiler, they will begin to thicken slightly, and this will take 2 to 3 minutes. Begin to drizzle in warm melted butter slowly, and continue to whisk the egg and butter mixture. Once the butter is totally incorporated add lemon juice, hot pepper sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. This sauce must be served within 30 minutes of making.


Calories: 247kcal | Carbohydrates: 0g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 26g | Saturated Fat: 15g | Cholesterol: 207mg | Sodium: 209mg | Potassium: 14mg | Sugar: 0g | Vitamin A: 905IU | Vitamin C: 1.5mg | Calcium: 24mg | Iron: 0.4mg