The Breville Pizzaiolo Oven Makes Great Neapolitan Pizza—And It’s 20% Off This Week

The Breville Pizzaiolo Oven Makes Great Neapolitan Pizza—And It’s 20% Off This Week

Sliding a margherita pizza into the Breville oven.
Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

Really great pizza requires high heat, which usually means either lugging out the outdoor pizza oven or cranking the broiler in your home oven and using a baking steel. But baking steels require a lot of recovery time between pies, and outdoor pizza ovens aren’t great when the weather is foul or you lack outdoor space. 

The Breville Pizzaiolo solves both of these problems with its high-powered heating coils and countertop-friendly design.

Why We Love It

Side view of a slice from a pizza baked in the Breville oven.
The Breville Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven easily baked up crispy, thin Neapolitan pizzas.Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

To start, this is one powerful oven; it only takes 15 minutes to reach a blazing 750ºF (while this might seem like a long time compared to an outdoor pizza oven, for an indoor option it’s pretty darn good). It draws 1800 watts (almost as much as a full-size oven) to its three-coil heating system, which has one coil positioned below the ceramic deck and two in the dome to properly char the crust and blast the top with heat. In our testing, we found that this oven produced the best Neopolitan pizza when compared to a pizza made in a standard in-house oven with baking steel. And because of its insulation, you can set it up right on your kitchen counter: no need to move outside for pizza night. 

It’s high-power also means that you can fire off pizzas back-to-back, making it great for entertaining. It’s also great for focaccia or various flatbreads. There are some drawbacks, though: it’s a fairly large countertop appliance, and it’s a uni-tasker. It also has some hot spots, so you’ll have to babysit your bakes for even crust color. And finally, it’s also quite pricey—which is why the current deal is worth highlighting. 

Good to Know

  • Normally $1000, now $800
  • 1800 watts
  • Dimensions: 18.5″D x 18.1″W x 10.6″H 
  • Seven presets (350°F, Frozen, Pan, New York, Thin & Crispy, Wood FIred, 750°), plus a manual mode
  • 2-year limited warranty


Can you bake bread in the Breville Pizzaiolo pizza oven?

Due to its low clearance between the deck and heating elements, this pizza oven is only able to bake focaccia or flatbreads. Any bread with a taller oven spring would hit the roof and heating coils. 

What temperature can the Breville Pizzaiolo pizza oven reach? 

This pizza oven can be set up to 750ºF, which is in the range of wood-fired brick ovens, or outdoor gas-fired pizza ovens. It’s the only pizza oven that can hit these high temperatures while still being a countertop appliance (that we know of). 

What kinds of pizza can you make in the Breville Pizzaiolo pizza oven?

The high temps this pizza oven reaches make it ideal for Neopolitan pizzas, but its versatile settings also make it easy to bake New York-style pizzas, pan pizzas, and even frozen pizzas. Because the heating elements are electric, it’s easy for the oven to hit precise temperatures anywhere between 350ºF to 750ºF, making it super versatile.